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Friday, July 22, 2011

Goo Interviews Ganzeer From Egypt


GOO:Would you please talk a little bit about your self?Where Do you live and work? and how often are you working?
Ganzeer: I live and work, for the most part, in Cairo, Egypt. I work everyday, but not in the form of street art. Depending on the subject matter and the idea I have in relation to it, I will pick a medium/venue to work in. Sometimes it'll be a wall, other times it'll be the internet, sometimes it'll be a drawing, other times writing, and for example, in the case of this week: surveying.

GOO:Do you have access to spray paint in Egypt?

Ganzeer: Sure. It's not very good spray-paint, nor is it designed to create sophisticated pieces of artwork with.

GOO:What do you use for your street art? Stencil/Graffiti style/Stickers/Pasteups?
Ganzeer: Whatever I can to get my idea across. So far, I've come to use stencils, stickers, and in one particular case, garbage bags.

GOO:Who or What are your inspirations?
Ganzeer: The work of other artists is of course inspirational. I'm a big comicbook buff, so comix have a big influence on me. But the greatest inspiration of all is life.

GOO:What do you think about recent changes in Egyptian Governmental systems?is it good or bad for you as an Artist?
Ganzeer: It's a little bit of both. It's good that the Egyptian people have risen in mass to topple the system, but changes in the system so far are unfortunately not the kind of changes we fought for, even though the government is trying to convince people that it is, using the media, and a lot of people are buying into the government's crap. As an artist, it's an opportunity to be pro-active and use one's tools for a passionate cause.

GOO:Do you do legal or illegal Street Art?
Ganzeer: I guess it would be considered illegal.

GOO:Are You aware of Graffiti scene in Middleeast? Tehran,Beirut,Dubai,etc.does it have any impact on you at all?
Ganzeer: Honestly, man, none whatsoever. Would love to travel across the Arab world more and experience it, and its people, first hand. And maybe get a chance to do a few public interventions here and there.

GOO:Are there Any other StreetArt Workers ,there in Egypt?
Ganzeer: Some of the most prominent ones in recent months, in my opinion, are Keiser, Adham Bakry, El Teneen, and Sad Panda.

GOO: Any thing you like to say?
Ganzeer: Thanks for the opportunity, and great blog, man!
Ganzeer Web URL at Flickr :

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