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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arabic Graffiti Book : Real or Fake?


Some years ago after the revolutionary Inovations of A1one(Iranian Graffiti pioneer who made a great path for Arabic ,persian and urdu Graffiti ) ,Tehran's Graffiti vibrations influenced a gerneration of youth world wide and in the middleeast. one example was Presence of A1one in The Website of and influencing a graphic Designer Pascal Zoghbi and Don Karl Stone (a german publisher or graffiti books).Stone went to Lebanon and helped Zoghbi learn more about graffiti and made a graffiti teaching workshop for the youth over there .... in a couple of years they made a book "Arabic Graffiti" which may be cool to see with works of eauropean designers and calligraphers +some street art examples from middleeast.But for thosewho know THe reality about the thing.... It is not a book with real information but with some Good info for beginners .There is alot which is not included in this book ,Works of Some Iranian Artists who made this path is excluded from the book ...Artists like A1one,Kozet,Khamoosh,Kaytee are those real and hidden parts of the story yet.

The publisher believes that:
"'Arabic Graffiti' is an extensive and valuable reference that showcases the use of Arabic script in a contemporary, urban context. It brings together artists, graffiti writers, designers, and typographers from the Middle East and around the world who merge Arabic calligraphy with the art of graffiti writing, street art and urban culture. In addition to a rich assortment of photos featuring Arabic graffiti and street art styles, the book includes essays by distinguished authors and scene experts that explore the traditional elements, modern approaches, and the socio-political and cultural backgrounds which have shaped Arabic graffiti movements in the Middle East.

With contributions and essays by: Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Rana Jarbou, Tala F. Saleh, Houda Kassatly and William Parry.

Includes the artwork and thoughts of: Hassan Massoudy, Malik Anas Al-Rajab, eL Seed, Hest1, Julien Breton, L'ATLAS, Aerosol Arabic, Native & ZenTwO, Zepha aka Vincent Abadie Hafez, Siska, Typism, Akut and many more."

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