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Sunday, November 30, 2008

American University of Dubai adverts Graffiti


Oct of 2008 The American University of Dubai invited Albus Cavus a New Jersey Based Artist Collective to do a workshop and collaborative mural with its art students. After a thorough tour of the campus they decided which wall they may like to work on but first it was time to get the students in sync with what they wanted to do, and introduce to them ,their own distinct method on how we create. Customarily Chor Boogie and Pose Two create from within, meaning we have no preconceived plan of what we are going to create before we create it. We trust, flow and integrate intuitively as painters, as artist and as human beings. We have come to a point of understanding the importance of the process: interacting and engaging with the moment at hand, seizing those opportunities and flowing with them…aliveness!We had no doubts that this awesome group of students would be able to flow with us but most of these students never used spray paint, our number one tool! Aware of this fact we decided to first allow the students an opportunity to play, get free and express on some canvass boards. What was supposed to be a few moments of trial and practice turned into hours joy and pure expressionism. Although these students never touched a spray can before their individuality and collective spirit shone through and they were ready to collaborate with us.This project offered Albus Cavus a great opportunity to work with photographers, painters, sculptures and enthusiast who a helped create a wonderful mural that captures the spirit of Dubai the energy of its youth and its vision to create a beautiful city with powerful art.

some word from pose2 ( Amercian graffiti writter):
Experiences like these are life enriching and eye opening. Hopefully this exchange of creative energy will help raise the frequency in our hearts and minds to increasingly love, share and cultivate our beautiful future

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