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Sunday, February 10, 2008

GOO Interviews Boksmati / UAE


GOO: What does Your name (Boxmati) Mean?
Boksmati: Well, Boksmati is simply my family name, which sometimes I write it with an "x". Every time I introduce myself to someone stating my name and family name, most of the people ask me to repeat my family name not because they didn't understand it but because it has a weird tune for an Arab if you know what I mean. In other words they become interested in knowing more about it and this is exactly what I try to achieve while creating a certain graphic. I want people to get involved when they look at one of my designs.

GOO:When did you first Started Graffiti In your city? What was your first piece?
Boksmati: I know that you might get a bit disappointed but I never did graffiti in my city or anywhere else. All the graffiti that you see on my blog are photoshoped. None of them are real. To me, graffiti is vandalism and this is against my religion. I might do it only on old walls, which are really hard to find in Canada or Dubai. Will I ever do it? Hopefully yes. I'm planning to go back to Lebanon this summer and I guess I can find a lot of old neglected walls there.

GOO:What was your inspiration to do StreetARt/Graffiti?
Boksmati:I guess my passion to Typography, which I consider to be the mother of all graphics, led me to experiment graffiti, which revolves on lettering.

GOO:Are there Any other StreetArt Workers ,there in UAE?
Boksmati:Yes, United Arab Emirates notable writers are Frez(Dubai) AMB(Abu Dhabi) Remo(Dubai) Sear((Sticker art)Dubai) and a member of the DS tag crew(Dubai)… there are few pieces and no large scale works at present, but most of the tags and throw ups put up are left unbuffed. I do think that those writers are doing it for the wrong reasons though. They are trying to get fame out of it and forgot all about technique, style and passion.

GOO:What is your main focus? Design or Graffiti?
Boksmati:I guess its both, since I am graphically designing graffiti (mixing vector style and graffiti writings) or I could be a digital graffiti artist but I think or pretty much hope that I'm the first to mix Arabic graffiti and graphic art on the web. All in all everything is revolved around lettering and typography.

GOO:How do you see the Youth In UAE?
Boksmati:I seriously can't comment on this question since it's my 9th month here in Dubai (was in Canada before) and I still don't have much interaction with them.

GOO:What materials you use For Graffiti?
Boksmati:Now I can say: Illustrator, Photoshop, Black Marker and a scanner :)

GOO:Do you know Something about Graffiti in the Middle-East region or even Arab countries?
Boksmati:Yes, I always try to find out more about what other artists are doing. But since you are doing all the hard work now, I guess I'll keep on checking out your blog from now on ;) You might be interested in some of my friends who are a Lebanese rap crew and graffiti artists and did some graffiti in Beirut. Mijrim Kaleim I'm sure he'll be pleased to send you some of their works.

GOO : Thanks for letting us know
Boksmati:Thanks again for everything. I've sent you some works that i've never posted before. Feel free to post them if you like.cheers and good luck

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