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Friday, February 8, 2008

GOO Interviews A1one / IRAN


GOO: What does Your name A1one Stand for?
Alone : My Name has Many meanings and Story. The main is the reallity of being Alone those times i started graffiti in the Middlea East 's Most important capital - Tehran. Being the first like "A" in alphabet and "1" in numbers and another "one" in Writting form.another thing is
If you want to read Alone in Aranic You can read - Al-one (Alvan) whichmeans Colors. In Islam the Religion of most middleEast residents ,One is the God's features. or Al one Means the Only One we all know him. Is this enough?of course yesss.

GOO: When did you first Started Graffiti In your City?what was your first piece?
Alone : The very first experiments with Spray belongs to th time i was a kid around 11 Years old .Next when i was 16 i bought the second can because i was in love.after that in 2003 I started it as illegal wall painting and with World wide web i tried to make it public whitin Iranian culture.... My First Piece !!! it was a A3 sized Munch's screem Stencil.... and at the same time some other at that size.

GOO: What was your inspiration to do StreetARt/Graffiti?
Alone : Passion to talk loud and hate to be silent when i need to shout.

GOO: Are there Any other StreetArt Workers ,there in Iran?
Alone : Yeah in 2006 and 2007 i wittnessed the currency of the Spray blooded cult in Tehran .If you want to say StreetART i may need to daubt about the YES .but in case you mean graffiti and taggin , yeah maybe about 20 or a bit more.even today it is going to other main
cities than Tehran.You can always check our Irangraffiti.blogspot for news from IRAN and Tehran.

GOO: How do you see the Youth In Iran?
Alone : youth? so many different types. if you mean Graffiti youth. yeah they are great and have passion to improve their skills and get over walls.most like to get into oldschool graffiti types.

GOO: What is your main focus? Design or Graffiti?

Alone : both . Graffiti is also design but the medium is different. i mean bigger and rough.I desing and work on Iranian(arabic letter)Type
forms and Fonts both for PC and Wallz. make indi products like Tshirts,Stickers and Posters ...

GOO: What materials you always use For Graffiti?
Alone : Spray cans ,Maybe Brush and wheatpaste.

GOO: Do you know Something about Graffiti in the Middle-East region or even Arab countries?
Alone : I have not heard about it and for sure there is not so much of it really yet. as i can think about The culture.I think Arabic culture is not so much comfortable with Modern Art Atmosphere.It's my personal opinion.Arabculture is more important in their music ,dance and
Poetry but haven't heard if they care for modern visual arts like cutting edge visual arts or graffiti.I know artists who are doing streetart in telaviv and haifa with passion and care and more to say Street ART actions.See
and Klone's works.the Last Thing which is about graffiti in middleEast is Arofish -A UK based StreetArtist-who has Put his lifesize stencils in most middleeast Countries like IRAQ,Palestine, Lebanon and ... but not our country yet.

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