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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WizeOne Out of Amman


We are having a great guest this post,Wessam Shadid doing amazing works on Arabic Graffiti in Jordon.You might like to see more of this talented writer please click here


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Videos by MOCA on Street Art in The MiddleEast


Up til now we have seen lots of graffiti from Iran ,Malaysia ,etc. here in my blog.Meanwhile the Arabic Spring, by the influence and protection of the Media & the western academics,Arabic Graffiti is experiencing a Boom.One can keep in mind the graffiti workshops by German Graffiti writer and publisher (Don Karl Stone) in 2009 to 2011 was  an injection of Graffiti into the Arab world ,from that he made books called : Arabic Graffiti and Walls of Freedom.(Don Stone also made the same in in Cuba 2006 , producing a DVD for sale out of that project too).
Here you  see some Videos made by MoCA explaining about graffiti in  4 Countries with Graffiti .
The first of 4 is Lebanon with Graffiti cult starting around 2006.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

New pieces & New writers in the Middle east


 by Ali rafei

Here you also see some pieces from the  first Meeting of Styles in Middle east -2015 Jeddah

Some Works about Islamic State and the recent news by Middleeastern Artists 
By A1one from Iran
By Ali Rafei in Beirut

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

DeeVaar - An insider Documentary film about Iranian Graffiti and Street art


Deevaar, documentary by KolahStudio is Finally ready... it will be on screening in Germany in some academic venues now.

...With the development of Graffiti and Street-Art in Iran and gradually in the Middle Eastern countries during the last decade and with the growth of the Street Art Market on the one hand and the awareness of the Iranian government of this Phenomenon on the other hand , which caused some life threatening problems for Me and some close friends of mine, I thought to make a video documentary about us.
For more info and the Trailer please check this link :
Deevaar -Graffiti in Iran

Deevaar is an Iranian Insider Graffiti Documentary aiming to show the real prospective of what the graffiti scene in Iran is like. What the Artists and graffiti kids think about themselves and what they are doing and how they are being recognized from outside. The shooting of the footages for this film started in 2009 ,although you may still see some of the older footages in this Video.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ghalamdar New calligraffitis From Iran


Ghalamdar is an Iranian street artist who practices a combination of graffiti and traditional lettering on walls. He is inspired by endemic calligraphic styles and miniature paintings (negargari) that have been the primary subjects of 20th century modernist art. Ghalamdar began his graffiti career in 2009, coming into contact with local artists and their works. From 2011 to 2014, he teamed up with the Elf Crew, one of the first groups of graffiti to operate in Iran since late 2006. Ghalamdar’s distinctive style has been featured as part of their collective, accompanying the pictorial features of Blind and Ali Fj-one with Persian-inspired calligraphy. Ghalamdar’s work is very influenced by A1one who is a pioneer in Iranian graffiti scene ,but still alot to mention as an original outcome. 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Deevaar : Documentary about Iranian Graffiti Movement


DeeVaar Is a Movie made by Kolahstudio about the first Ten years of Graffiti movement in IRAN.We have found a  short demo video From this Documentary. Being a Independant Studio being banned and imprisoned by Iranian Security police ,Kolahstudio could not publish the video yet.This Video is Made in 5 years By a Large Collection of Videos recorded By Iranian Original and Most notorious graffiti artists in The Streets. Talking about The hopes ,Fears and Aims plus different viewpoints of the Older and younger Writers and Street Artists in the Country of IRAN. The Documentary is Written and Directed by Karan Reshad with interviews with Artists and Writers : Edrak,Magoi,Khamoosh,DejCr­ew,Tajassom,IcyandSot,Frz,Nafir,Goriz,PST,Negative,Ger­ekoor,Keloz,Salome,ElfCrew, Ghalamdaar and more .Produced at Kolahstudio - Tehran

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Friday, July 18, 2014

More Arabic Graffiti


Ashekman - Graffiti - Beirut

Graffiti in Beirut - Yazan
Aerosol arabic - Edinburgh

Tshirt Design- Ashekman - Beirut

Rumi Poetry Tshirt Design - A1one
Persian Graffiti by A1one

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Paris Tour 13


The Tower 13 - 100 local and international artists coming from Street Art & Graffiti involved in a huge project in Paris .
Front view of the Tower 13 in Paris 

The Tower 13 has been called this way according to its localization in the 13th district of Paris at n°5 rue Fulton. This is the name of a project initiated and curated by a Tunisian , Mehdi Ben Cheikh, Director of the Galerie Itinerrance in Paris.
Arabic Graffiti
WallArt by A1one at the Tower 13 Paris

Arabic Graffiti
WallArt by ElSeed at the Tower 13 Paris

Arabic Graffiti
WallArt by Shoof at the Tower 13 Paris
Opening from October 1st et 31st, from Monday to Sunday from 12 am to 8 pm. France : AGL, Alëxone, Amin, Philippe Baudelocque, Bom.K, C215, Rodolphe Cintorino, Julien Colombier, Céleste Java, Dan23, Fenx, Gaël, Gilbert, Inti Ansa, Kan, Katre, Legz (The Spaghettist), Lek, Liliwenn, Ludo, Madame Sanbor, Marko93, Matéo Garcia Leon, Moskos & Associés, Myre, Nebay, Nemi Uhu, Nilko, Rea 1, Sambre, Roti, Sean Hart, Sébastien Preschoux, Seth, Shaka, Shuck2, Sowat, Spazm, STeW, Tore, Uno - Mexico : Stinkfish - Portugal : Add Fuel, Belem, Corleone, Eime, Joao Samina, Kruella, Mar, Mario Belem, Pantonio, Paulo Arraiano, Vhils, Maismenos - Iran : A1one - Italia : 108, Agostino Iacurci, AweR, Dado, Etnik, Hogre, Hopnn, JB Rock, Joys, MoneyLess, Mp5, Orticanoodles, Peeta, Senso, Tellas - Brazil : 2mil, Ethos, Flip, Herbert Baglione, Loiola, Rapto, Speto, Tinho - Saudi Arabia : Aous, Azooz, Maryam, Maz – Chile : Inti Castro, Nano - Tunisia : Dabro, eLSeed, Shoof - USA : Cope2, Indie 184, Jonone - Spain : BToy, Uriginal - UK : Guy Denning, David Walker - Australia : Jimmy C, Vexta - Argentina : Jaz - Luxembourg : Sumo.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some More Calligraffiti from Middle east


Arabic Graffiti by A1one From IRAN

Iran StreetArt
Iranian Street Artist - A1one Stencil art
Iranian Street Art
Islamic - Arabic Graffiti  Sculpture
Persian Calligraphy urban
Persian Calligraffiti Handstyle Piece
Arabic Calligraphy
Calligraphy Pieces on Canvas
You can check some more Arabic Graffiti by A1one 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

From the Arabic Graffiti King - Two New Videos


A1one  from Iran - known as the GodFather of Middle East Graffiti -Has been held in prison by Iranian intelligence civil Service and After his release he Flight to Germany and Resided there for his safety.
This man is a Great Story of a Real rebel with a super kind heart and strongly radical lifestyle which brought him through lots of troubles in a traditional society in Mid-east. I am really a big Fan of this guy.take a look at his works here:
A1one Diary in Dusseldorf from KolahStudio on Vimeo.

and here:
DEDICATED to A1ONE aka Tanha from dedicatedstorecologne on Vimeo.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A1one Pieces in Germany


We just heard That our homie,A1one ,left IRAN and is Currently living in Germany.We are very sorry to hear about his Prison Story in IRAN and we hope  he get better and better soon.
A1one 3d Render

Arabic Calligraphy sculpture design - A1one

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Graffiti on Minaret


"'Madinati' is a  new video about my last Calligraffiti on Jara Mosque in my hometown, Gabes.  Enjoy and if you like it, share it. We put our hearts into it!"  - EL SEED

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bahrain: Guinness World Record


Bahrain: Guinness World Record arrived in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the 24, 716 square feet of 3D anamorphic painting, conceived by the New Horizon School (NHS) in association with 3D artist Limnesh Augustine. The previous record of 12505.52 square feet held by 3D Joe and Max was surpassed by the team on February 12, 2012 at the NHS Carnival hosted by the Parent Teacher Association. The Guinness World Record (GWR) office in UK verified and certified the attempt as the new world record on March 16, 2012.

It took 120 artists, 50 volunteers and their combined efforts lasting four hours to complete the record breaking 3D canvas with perfection. The artwork has been titled 'Piece 4 Peace' and conveys the message: "Every drop makes the ocean; similarly various elements and various corners formulate peace, which is the desire of every individual and nation. Piece 4 Peace is the representation of the reality and awareness that when various pieces from the four corners are brought together in harmony, then it will for sure, give birth to peace."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Spray 2011 : Iranian Graffiti Jam in Tehran


Kolahstudio in IRAN has just made a big event Hosted By Adrenaline -A modern Water Sports Club in South of Tehran.Spray 2011 was A Big noise , a new begining for the graffiti in IRAN. a new horizon of hope.
You can see more photos and get more information at

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Monday, September 5, 2011

A very nice Mural by Aerosolarabic in Bristol


Be The Change You Want To See from DARCUS CLARKE on Vimeo.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Street Art - Street Life


KolahStudio in IRAN published a Call For Artists for their upcoming PDF Issue ...
Check by yourself

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Goo Interviews Ganzeer From Egypt


GOO:Would you please talk a little bit about your self?Where Do you live and work? and how often are you working?
Ganzeer: I live and work, for the most part, in Cairo, Egypt. I work everyday, but not in the form of street art. Depending on the subject matter and the idea I have in relation to it, I will pick a medium/venue to work in. Sometimes it'll be a wall, other times it'll be the internet, sometimes it'll be a drawing, other times writing, and for example, in the case of this week: surveying.

GOO:Do you have access to spray paint in Egypt?

Ganzeer: Sure. It's not very good spray-paint, nor is it designed to create sophisticated pieces of artwork with.

GOO:What do you use for your street art? Stencil/Graffiti style/Stickers/Pasteups?
Ganzeer: Whatever I can to get my idea across. So far, I've come to use stencils, stickers, and in one particular case, garbage bags.

GOO:Who or What are your inspirations?
Ganzeer: The work of other artists is of course inspirational. I'm a big comicbook buff, so comix have a big influence on me. But the greatest inspiration of all is life.

GOO:What do you think about recent changes in Egyptian Governmental systems?is it good or bad for you as an Artist?
Ganzeer: It's a little bit of both. It's good that the Egyptian people have risen in mass to topple the system, but changes in the system so far are unfortunately not the kind of changes we fought for, even though the government is trying to convince people that it is, using the media, and a lot of people are buying into the government's crap. As an artist, it's an opportunity to be pro-active and use one's tools for a passionate cause.

GOO:Do you do legal or illegal Street Art?
Ganzeer: I guess it would be considered illegal.

GOO:Are You aware of Graffiti scene in Middleeast? Tehran,Beirut,Dubai,etc.does it have any impact on you at all?
Ganzeer: Honestly, man, none whatsoever. Would love to travel across the Arab world more and experience it, and its people, first hand. And maybe get a chance to do a few public interventions here and there.

GOO:Are there Any other StreetArt Workers ,there in Egypt?
Ganzeer: Some of the most prominent ones in recent months, in my opinion, are Keiser, Adham Bakry, El Teneen, and Sad Panda.

GOO: Any thing you like to say?
Ganzeer: Thanks for the opportunity, and great blog, man!
Ganzeer Web URL at Flickr :

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deform Industry Peace In Dubai


photo © FRES
By Deformindustry :

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